ePeer Assisted Learning (ePal) Club

The aim of the ePal Club Project is to increase the sharing of knowledge and promote (free) learning through a peer assisted learning approach. I place free in brackets because the nature of freeness has conditions, that is the site user will need to have some form of internet access and a device to access it. ePal site connects students form all over the world and allows them to assist each other in either homework questions or on a “need to know” basis. In this digital age, we are all connected and it is time for us to use our connectednees to our advantage. Experts in subject areas can also use the ePal platform to assist learners in situations where peers fail  to assist each other. Join the Pal club and become an ePal and start assisting your fellow ePals. There is no better way of learning than through teaching others and reflecting on responses and criticism .
The project can be accessed at http://www.epal.club

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